Junior Stylist

Joshua Jimenez is an aspiring hair stylist, and currently the Dollhouse Salon’s Assistant Manager. He’s extremely passionate about the positive change the beauty industry can give to people, and what that power can do for an individual’s self-esteem. Josh has recently graduated from The Academy for Salon Professionals, which is a Redken affiliated program, and he eagerly waits to become a licensed Cosmetologist. He has been working hard in the salon industry for 3 years as a receptionist & assistant manager, but his real passion as a stylist is working with creative color, haircuts, and any runway/editorial work. Josh believes education is key to excel in this industry, so he’s constantly looking for classes to improve himself as a well-rounded stylist & human being. He’s taken classes from some fantastic Redken color guru’s such as Chiala Marvici, Rebekah Nummer & Randy Topham. They’ve been inspirations in his career so far, and he can’t wait to share his knowledge and creative outlook with the rest of the world!