Kory Nguyen


Kory Nguyen is a hairdresser almost six years into his career that has no intention of halting anytime soon. Kory has been a stylist at Dollhouse Salon for 16 months and has adored every minute of it!

Kory was born and raised in San Jose California. Since he was a child he always had an infatuation with hairstyling and growing up with three sisters definitely made the infatuation stronger. Finally in high school he used all his practice her got from his sisters and used them on all his high school peers! Sad to say Kory didn't end up going to prom but a lot of his work did.

His inspiration has been drawn from a lot of things over the years but one that is certain is that he loves "beautiful" and "flowy". In a perfect world everyone would have luxurious waist length hair that cascaded into mermaid like tendrils but he doesn't rule the world...yet. In terms of hair color he tends to lean more towards natural tones and colors you'd see occur in nature but has no problem doing anything avant-garde either! Whether it be something toned down or toned up his skill set would be more than enough to execute it.

Whether at work or not having the title of hairdresser fills him with great pride because he refuses to think there would ever be a better profession for him. As time passes he wishes to excel in his career in any way, shape, or form. Whether it be attending classes, drawing inspiration from his colleagues, or even making mistakes he is only going to get better at what he does.